Jan. 2nd, 2007

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She's nothing.

Well, that's that, then.

The doctors didn't say anything when Mel discharged herself. Why should they? She emptied her own cred account to pay part of the bill, and after a moment's thought, gave them Erin's cred number as well. Bitch can whine about it to herself, Mel doesn't care. They're done. Through.


She couldn't quite bring herself to go in to Harth's, even though she knows the number. It doesn't matter. Mel doesn't need that money. She's going to go on her own now. She's strong, she's fast, she can grab. She doesn't need her brother's money. She doesn't need her sister.

(God, she needs her brother.)

She left the hospital, and wandered out into the streets, a list of things-to-do in her head.

Something to eat, which doesn't take long, as soon she's running from a deli with a filled sub in her hand.

Somewhere to sleep takes longer than she expected. She had hoped to find an empty apartment, but apparently they're rarer than she looks. And soon she's running from door after door that had looked deserted but had someone guarding it jealously. Usually a few someones. Mel's back is beginning to ache: her breath is shorter than usual, and her heart hurts. She doens't want to fight. So she runs. And she swipes a coat against the cold, and she keeps looking.

Keeps looking.

She doesn't tire easily, but  for some reason she's spent so much of today running from people, that she find the desire to sleep anywhere getting greater than the desire to find a new home. Maybe she'll just have to sleep outside. If she can find somewhere warm, and dry.

Much longer and she won't be anywhere near as fussy.


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