Jan. 20th, 2007

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"Nice hat."

As conversation openers go, it's one of Case's best. He's not really that talented with knowing what to say. But Mel smirks her forgiveness and pulls it over her head.

"Shut it, a friend gave it to me."

"Yeah, but it's too big" he points out. "And I can hardly see your face."

"Good," says Mel. "That saves everyone from seein' my ugly scowl." And it does. It covers her hair (black, like his) and shades her eyes (blue, like his) and you can hardly tell she has a hideous disfiguring scar down her cheek (her price for getting him killed)

Case shakes his head and reaches out to take the hat, only to have his hand slapped away so hard it almost dislocates it. "Rut off," Mel snarls, but he smiles sheepishly.

"Just wanted to see your hair," he says.

"Leave it."

Case shrugs. "It'd look good dyed, though. Ever think of that?"

The hat, it is decided by Mel, can stay. And they can sit and chat and laugh and drink as they do almost regularly now. It's funny, how she likes this. He's not like Makita or anything, but he does make her laugh in his own way. He never looks at the scar, he never asks her about her history, or her family, or why she's a fourteen year old girl drinknig in tavs in the lowest shitsink of a warren in the entire of Haddyn. And he's never asked where she sleeps, until tonight.

"Look," Case says, near the end of the night. "Don't stomp me for sayin' this or anything, but you're sleeping out in the foundations, right? That's gotta be freezin' this time of year."

Mel glares at him momentarily for the cheek of asking that, but then collects herself and shrugs. "Got my hat."

Case glances over his shoulder, and Mel suddenly thinks she sees a hint of nervousness, but it's soon gone.

"Look," he says. "I've got an apartment. Well, room, really. Just a block from here, fifth floor. Nothing special, but there's a mattress and an old blanket. Much warmer with two."

The thing is, it is cold, and Mel's been seriously considering taking Makita up on her offer, except the obligation she'd feel would be too much.

"I'm not payin' rent," she says, which means she can't afford to.

"We'll work something out," says Case.


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