Jan. 21st, 2007

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Here's the trouble with sleeping with someone else.

When you wake up form another nightmare, when you're plummeting off the side of a building, watching your brother being murdered, when your screams bring you to the surface of sleep and leave you shaking in a cold sweat, then there's someone else there to see you so vulnerable. Someone else to know you're just a little girl. Someone else to loose respect for you.

It's not fair. She's used to being the one woken by her bedmate's nightmares, not the other way around.

Mel just curls up on her side of the mattress, trying to regulate her breathing and hoping Case didn't noticed. That's ruined when she hears an exasperated sigh, and he curls over to spoon her.

Jesu, she hates it when he does that. It's so constricting.

"You OK?"

Breathe in. Breathe out. "Yeah. Fine."

"You shuold do something about those dreams."


"Yeah. Listen, I know this guy can get you some stuff that'll knock you right out. Have you sleeping through."


"Hey, Mel?"

She's still groggy, face down in the moth eaten pillows, slayed out acorss the mattress while he gets dressed above her. They haven't quite worked out the dosage, yet, because the amount the pusher suggested barely affected her at all. "Mmmmmph?"

"I been thinking. You wanna earn more than the odd coi you grab off people and in cars?"

"Mmmmph." Sure.

Case hunkers down next to her, stroking her hair. "There's this grab I heard about. Nothing special, but the fences are talking about offering eighty coi for it. Trouble is, none of the pumps who're after it are small enough to fit in the vents. If you went down I'd get you about ten percent on it. For half an hour's work."

"Mmmmmph." Sure. She could use something else to do.


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