Mar. 18th, 2013

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The trouble with vampires sometimes is that they're too easy to kill. The stab and poof of a good lurk dusting is kinda unsatisfying when what Mel really wants to do is beat senseless one or two of the lousy bloodsuckers.

She finds herself taking it out on some poor radie whose only mistake was to get involved in a brawl at the tav where Mel happened to be for her post-dusting cup of sak. Pulling herself off him, she buys him a drink and leaves some coin behind the bar to get him through the night before heading out.

Fray, she tells herself, you got to get your head back in the game.

At another tav she hooks up with a girl called Xiu, and is invited back to her place. Mel stops after a while, though, when she realizes that Xiu's heart isn't in it, and instead the two of them sit out on a rooftop talking about Xiu's abusive ex-girlfriend. It doesn't fix Mel's problem, but it does seem to do the job for Xiu, at least part of it.

"Always about me,"she says. "I needed to try harder, she weren't a psychic. She needed me, you know?"

Mel nods. "Seen it." Too many times. Never lived it, always avoided that, even before 'Ways gave her a new perspective on what relationships could actually be.

"What up with you?" Xiu asks. "You clearly got toy to spin yourself through, too."

"S'complicated." Which of course is equal parts 'I don't wanna talk about it' and 'it involves magic interdimensional bars and I don't even know where to begin explaining that.'

"Something to do with the lurks?"

Mel eyes her sideways. "You know about that?"

Xiu gives her a half crooked smile. "Com'on. Ain't a folk in Versi don't know Mel Fray, big bad lurk duster."

It makes Mel smile. "Yeah," she admits. "It's something to do with lurks." And a lot of other things, certainly including her own baggage about ex-lovers. But today it comes down to lurks. "Sometimes it gets like just dusting them ain't enough."

"Oh yeah,"says Xiu. "I know how that goes." And maybe she does.

When Mel gets back to her library, there's a bug from Gunther with a job for her. A tough one, too; running the uppers, requiring meticulous focus on a couple tricky locks. And like a bonus, a couple of Rubin's boys turn up with an clear desire to be pummeled into the ground by an angry thief.  

Fishstick always knows what she needs, somehow.


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