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[Milliways: mel and Lilly's Suite]

She's sort of getting used to this, going out, working, patrolling, getting a job and so on, then popping into Milliways for shifts and friends and things for a few horus everyday. Mel's life is busy, sure, but busy suits her better than bored.

So she's whistling as she wanders into the suite, tossing an apple up and down in one hand.

But she hasn't bitten into it yet. She suspects it will taste bitter.
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Lilly hears the whistling from her bedroom and beams. Mel's back!

She hops up and strikes a languid pose against the doorway. It might have a chance at being impressive if she could wipe the huge happy grin off her face.

"Of all the suites in all the bars at the ends of all the universe, you had to walk into mine."
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"It's totally crazy," Lilly says solemnly. "Like you live here or something."

She's still smiling, but she hasn't forgotten her conversation with Mikey and so she takes a few steps forward and throws her arms around Mel for a fierce hug.

"Missed you."
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"Full of ponies," Lilly replies promptly. "And cheery musical numbers and glitter and interspecies dancing."

She shrugs.

"Fun for a while, but then I saved the sparkle and it was starting to get a little lame. Okay, really lame."
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"No," Lilly says sadly. "But I got a mystic summons through the Dreaming, so I went and did it anyway."

"It wasn't so bad," she adds, brightening a little. "I mean, the absolute worst thing that happened to me was an evil prince attempting to make me sad by threatening rain for my birthday. It was kinda refreshing after how the crisises here tend to go."