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[Milliways: Field Trip to Haddyn, 2293]

Bar had given them all back packs. It's kind of cute, really, in Mel's opinion. small little things, containing only the essentials - a zapper pistol for each of them, a cross, a stake, a round of PB&J with the crusts cut off, a flask of milky tea, and lunch money (about 20 coi each).

Mel herself just has her own gun and scythe sheathed on her back, as she climbs through the window into her small, beaten up apartment, and holds the door open for them.
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Steph is first through after her, with the backpack strapped neatly to her hip via utility belt rather than on her back.

It'd interrupt the flow of the cape, you see, and that's just not on.

She grins at Mel and adjusts her mask slightly.

"This is going to be so much awesome."

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Makita doesn't say anything as she comes through. This is a great opportunity to field-test her new weapons harness. Which explains why, under her coat, she has a pair of automatic pistols and fifteen or twenty pounds of ammo.

She's grinning though. The stress of the past few weeks already falling from her face. Steph gets a nod of agreement.

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You have Jet.

Who stops dead after getting the past the door. See, his idea of 'modern' is 'indoor plumbing'. This.


...he may need to be shaken. He looks very akin to a landed trout, gawping at the skyline through another broken-out window. Oh my god they're entered hell's bowels.

He'll get over it in a sec. He just has to process.
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"Isn't it beautiful?" Steph asks him, grinning widely. Steph really likes cities!

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Makita's used to cities. What she's not used to is people. The city is busy which is why Makita only manages to get out, "Yeah, it's pretty--" before sort of staring out at the traffic.

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He still needs some more time to process. Cause he saw Ba Sing Se from the outside-- and sure, that's -- that's sort of like a STATE rather then a CITY but-- but--

It's so tall. And the sky is funny colors. And he's sort of gape-mouthed still.
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"Zappers, gotcha." Steph's got hers sitting on her other hip, but she's pretty sure she'll be using batarangs instead. She's got all these new shiny ones from Will, it'd be such a shame not to use them when she has the chance.

She glances at Jet absently, and then again. " 'kay over there, country boy?"

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Makita frowns, using Mel's instructions to distract herself. She looks over, "Um... you just tell me when it's okay to shoot. I trust you more than I do me at the moment."

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Jet's beamed back to planet earth -- literally -- now. Blinking his dark eyes at Steph, he says, "It's... it's..."

Now you've made him go and look for ADJECTIVES. Do you want to get anything done, or do you want the boy to think? Chose carefully, Steph! Jet's only sixteen, he doesn't multitask those things too well!
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"Oh, do we ever."

That would be a yes from the girl who's already practically bouncing to get out the window! Jet can sort himself out, there's flying to be done.

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There's a not so sure look from Makita. "Do we want to do what?" These are tall buildings, Makita's used to having her feet on the ground.

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Mel's suggestions draw Jet back from his thoughts, and he blinks at her for a long moment, before he snaps back and is now all here. "Yeah, could be any of those things," He says helpfully. "But. Seriously. Weird."




She has a bison?
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Steph wrinkles her nose.

"Can't we fly a little? I can carry Jet, if you take 'Kita..."

Steph really wants to fly. And she has her grapples with her this time.

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Right in the center of Makita's harness is a piece of gear everyone back home always carries: a dropline. This is not to be confused with a grapple, and it's certainly not D-cel. Seeing how high up they are she immediately slaps hers against the wall.

"What, precisely, are you recommending we do?" She's afraid she knows.

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"... did I miss something?"

He has, hasn't he. He's going to be like this the entire trip. Whether it's because he's the token guy or the token lowtech, who can tell?
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"And if you think you might fall," Steph adds, "yell out! And Mel'll save you."

That's what Mels are for, after all, innit?

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The look on Makita might bes be described using an emoticon: O_O

"You want us to jump onto a flying vehicle from here?" This definitely qualifies as a "bad plan" in Makita's book.

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Jet's a little more subjective about it. "How fast do they move?" he asks, as he tries to peer out the window. C'mon,h e can totally jump on a flying thingy! IF he gets the right one!
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"It's fun, I swear," is Steph's helpful contribution here.

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