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[Milliways: Mel and Lilly's Living Room]

There's been a lot going on with the tenants of suites 132 and 134, what with Slaying and grabbing and invalids and blossoming romances and relaunching businesses and security and bartending and things. A lot.

What there hasn't been, in someone's very important opinion, is enough Stampy-loving.

And when there's not enough Stampy loving, bad things happen.

Like sacred dedicated scythe-like weapons that certain miniphants won't let go off, no matter how much dangling-from-her-trunk it involves.

"No, really, Bignose, I hafta go to work."
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Mel's bedroom door opens, and a very bleary-eyed and bed-headed Mike leans out.

"ba...BumperTooche? Is everythin' a'right?"
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"Is this a trick question?"

Mike's not awake enough for trick questions....
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"Madam Stamps-a-lot: The Vampire Slayer does have a certain ring to it."

Mike says with a sleepy chuckle as he emerges fully from the bedroom.
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He shrugs and then pads his way towards the kitchen.

"Tuesday? I dunno, best I can figure is she's hitting her teen years and is being rebellious, or something equally psychological in something."
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Mike perks up.

"Battle of wills, huh? This could get entertaining. Wait, lemme get some Honey Smacks. Don't. Move."

Mike bolts the rest of the way to the kitchen, returning to the living room a second or two later with a box of Honey Smacks.

"Okay, commence the battle of wills."

Amuse him!
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Mike swallows hard, for some reason his Honey Smacks have turned to sawdust.

"You mean, no extra-special-super-fun-circus-sex?"
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He's not quite sure if she's bluffing or not....

"Of the Fumbling in the Back of Dad's Car kind? Or of the Lay back and think of England kind?
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Nerves reset to their resting potential.

"Ahh, right. I'll keep that in mind."

Mike pops a few more cereal bits into his mouth before half heartedly informing Stampy of just how much of a bad girl she is.

It's so no where near convincing.
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He tries very hard not to laugh. So very very hard indeed.

"You don't, you know, by any chance need a hand, do you?"

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Mike sniffs once, tilts his neck in such a way that the bones crack in a manly fashion, and gets to his feet.

He doesn't cut a very imposing figure, but there is a slight level of menace about him. Sadly it's mostly of the Dennis variety.

"Stampy. Stand down."

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"Huh...normally that works. Oh wait, I've got it."

Mike again attempts to muster all of his limited supply of menace.

"Mel. Stand down."
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"Whaaaaaat. I had to try! I mean, it was either that or try and make her a scythe in her size, and it's too early for that level of arts and crafts."

Too early for Mike, he means.
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Now it's his turn to cringe. While he's well aware of the fact that she can take care of herself, he'd prefer she go on patrol with something more than just stakes. Something like a long range weapon of sorts. Something along the lines of her Scythe.

Clearly it's Mike's turn to wrestle with the mini-phant.

" theory...leggo...sure...damnit..."
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[personal profile] mnt_mike 2007-04-28 07:46 pm (UTC)(link)''s more humane way of putting people down."

Damn Stampy really is good at this game. Automatically Mike blames Raph for this.
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"Most things do when they know, eventually."

He's down on the ground now, attempting what looks more like a pull tug than a true game of tug o' war.