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[Milliways: Suite 132]

She feels kinds of bitter about missing the end show down, but not very.

After all, Mel got to kill eight big pointy toothed cats, and a skull. There are worse things in life.

Oh, and a torn open thigh, on which she has no shame on limping.

"Hey! Home! Is there food?"
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Comes the call from the couch. Moving is not an option at this time. Unless it's moving for more Tiger Balm.

"There's always food. Looking for anything specific?"

He's attempting to shift so as to be able to look at's not going well.
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He blinks, and then calls after her.

"That's it? That's all I get? Giant feline skull on my lap, an order for food, and not so much as a hello smooch?"
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"Not if I'm barefoot and unpregnant in the kitchen."
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He blinks at her, and then at they eyeless cat skull, and then back at her again.

"At what point did I lose control of this conversation?"
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"So on Thursdays then?"

He tries to sit up, but his abdominals inability to move can't be overcome by mere momentum alone. He looks to the skull.

"Go get help, girl. Tell Timmy that I'm stuck on the couch! Go on! Go!"

The skull doesn't move, causing Mike to sigh and attempt rolling off the couch instead of sitting up and standing. The rolling works and he lands on the floor in a loud heap.

"ow. I'm okay!"
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Mike is face down on the carpet, and as such his voice is muffled.

"raph made me run."
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"not yet, but i'm sure that's on the agenda."

Then he mutters something about blaming Indy.
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He doesn't put up a fight or try to defend himself because moving his arms is also not an option.

"ow. i do now?"
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He sighs happily.

"because my brother is evil and making me do all the things he knows i haven't done since tim gave me my birthday present."
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"i tried, but he just kept adding more laps for every anecdote i attempted to share."
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His is a happy groan.

"we've got this plan that we have to be in shape for. really it's all indy's fault."
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"he's a very bad influence, that one. i'm going to have to step up teaching brody his song list."