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Out of Milliways: The lakeside

Mel has plans for Christmas.

These involve staying well out of everyone's way all morning, eating and drinking vast amounts in the suites at around midday, then skipping out before the clean up with a huge hamper of food and drink and doing the same in the tav in Versi. She spent most of yesterday helping to clean it up, and Erin should be helping out now. It's going to be a great day.

Right now though, is part one of the plan: stay out of everyone's way and avoid all work. She's marked it as pre-dawn training, and is running around the lake a few times, wrapped up snugly in a tracksuit, but without her scythe: Steph has co-opted it for present opening.

It's not like she'll need it or anything: it's a run around the lake: what can go wrong?
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Harth goes outside a fair bit, these days. Not exactly all the time, but he likes the open air, and making a dash for the bar door after waiting just a little too long for the sun to come up adds a touch of excitement to what might otherwise be a bit of a routine existence.

Thus: Harth. Running up to keep pace alongside his sister, or try, with a grin.

"Mornin', Mel!"
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Ooo. Competition.

"Eh," he says eloquently. "Same old. I'm tentacle-farming these days. Yours?"
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"I highly doubt we were friends," he says loftily. Really, what would an evil overlord do with friends?

"And yes. They kinda multiply if you try'n prune 'em. But I may be jealous of the horseback riding. Where'd you do that?"
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Harth grins. "That's better. Oh, where Alanna and Thom're from? That's jake." He likes the other pair of twins, even if Alanna is regretfully virtuous.

"Tentacle plants," he clarifies.

Sort of.

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At the edge of the woods stands a statue - perhaps a memorial put up for the lost land of Dreaming, or just some stonemason's idle play.

Either way, the angel with her bowed head and carefully coiffed hair and delicate hands over her face doesn't look like it belongs there. Perhaps in a graveyard, over some long-dead filthy rich patriarch, but not on the edge of the woods on a frosty December morning.

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"Gardening," he replies, in a duh tone of voice, coming to a halt beside her.

"What did you expect, dark rituals?"

Bar doesn't so much give out cups carved from human skulls.