slayer_fray: (cold)
slayer_fray ([personal profile] slayer_fray) wrote2007-12-19 11:16 am

Out of Milliways: The lakeside

Mel has plans for Christmas.

These involve staying well out of everyone's way all morning, eating and drinking vast amounts in the suites at around midday, then skipping out before the clean up with a huge hamper of food and drink and doing the same in the tav in Versi. She spent most of yesterday helping to clean it up, and Erin should be helping out now. It's going to be a great day.

Right now though, is part one of the plan: stay out of everyone's way and avoid all work. She's marked it as pre-dawn training, and is running around the lake a few times, wrapped up snugly in a tracksuit, but without her scythe: Steph has co-opted it for present opening.

It's not like she'll need it or anything: it's a run around the lake: what can go wrong?

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