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It was Gunther who picked up the muttering in the Haddyn underbelly. It was Erin who ran searches in the grid, talked to laws and pieced together the leads, and it was Legs, weirdly enough, who found the relevant volume in the Watcher's Library. One of these days Mel is really going to research the librarian instincts in spider monkey demons.

But weeks after the rumours first appeared, it was Mel who traced the demons to their sewer lair, switchblade glowing happily. It was Mel who rammed the stake of her scythe into the terracotta statue into which they were focusing the magic for their spell that was going to open up the New York Hellmouth again - it shattered, spilling blue energy across the floor. When it hit the sewage, blue flames dances across, lighting up the tunnel, as Mel proceeded to kill every single one of the demons.

World saved, again, but at the cost of a decent jacket: Mel has a nasty burn across her right arm, and at least one fractured bone in her left leg, when she's interrupted in her limping back to Versi by a bright overhead lamp and the command to Stand down and offer submission.

Mel points out that it's probably frowned upon in the laws to use the cars to drive sisters back to your apartment. Erin tells her to shut up, make a wish and blow out the candles. The cake is even made from real flour and eggs - Mel doesn't dare ask how much it cost.

Her wish? To see another birthday after this one.

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