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It's familiar ground.

It's more than familiar ground. It's ground she visited nightly for five years. It's ground she pounded time and time again before a floodgate was switched in her brain, letting through torrents of fights and vampires and monsters and horrors that were a relief after knowing this.

She's here again, but she can't change it.

She can't change any of it.

"Mel.. This is stupid. We're gonna get celled..."

"Not a prayer, Scaredy. We're eating Meat tonight."

It washes over her like a blanket; warm, familiar and comforting. Family and trust, self knowledge and assuredness. And Love. Love with all of the strength and the power that can only be felt by the innocent, those yet to be hurt by love.

"Whoooaayhhh! Melaka!"

Two halves of the same person. Together forever, no matter what life throws at them in their future. They can face together. They can face anything together. Mel will always always protect her Harth.

"Scaredy. You're lucky I got two hands. 'Cause if it was you or the food..."

"You. Are the Food."


Mel jerks in the bed, fighting the urge to scream herself awake.


Don't scream.

Something's wrong.

Of course something's wrong. There's a lurk standing in front of Mel, lips curled back over fangs, forehead twisted in that way they have.

("Melaka..." "Harth... Just start walking.")

"Don't be frightened, little ones..."

His accent isn't Haddyn. Mel's never met anyone didn't have a Haddyn accent.

Don't think.

"Fight? You? That's..."

She's doesn't have a choice. She has to fight this lurk. This tall, thin, black haired lurk who wants to kill her - kill her brother.

Thin? Black Hair? Something's....

Don't think.

"Harth, go!"

He's not going. He's staying. He's watching. It's like a scope to him. He's not going to run. That's the problem. He's going to stand and watch his sister's face torn open and he's going to go to him and she's going to watch him be killed.





The hand closes over her face, and she's so terrified she's aware she might soil herself, but at the same time, she's relieved. Now she just has to fall to her doom and it'll all be over.

She has to watch Harth die first.

It's as the lurk's teeth crunch into Harth's neck, as Mel succumbs to gravity, that she realises what's wrong.

That isn't Icarus.

Think equals scream.


Mel wakes herself screaming.

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