slayer_fray: (scythe)
slayer_fray ([personal profile] slayer_fray) wrote2010-03-08 10:12 pm

The Guest Hallways

These last few months, the hallways in Milliways have been quiet at night.

Some of the lights have gone; exploded in bursts of energy leaving husks of broken glass instead of bulbs. You'd've thought they'd all be replaced, but maybe the Loompas haven't got around to it.

Mel finds an odd sort of comfort in patrolling - beyond that it's what she does and gives her a target to focus on, it's a way, at least, to get out of the suite with quality Mel-time.

And to explore new ways of getting around the place without being visible. Right now, for instance, she's turned her regular, fruitless patrol into some sort of parody of the game 'Floor of lava', using her skills as a cat burglar to make it down the hall never touching the floor, thanks to doorframes and tables and light fittings, and an occasional dado rail.

Attacks have been down, and she's not expecting much satisfaction tonight. The comfort is in being by herself.

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