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Mel's still kind of feeling guilty about missing Christmas, even though her stocking and her presents and her industrial strength egg nog were all still waiting for her and she got to exchange the important stuff with Mikey anyway.

But.. there's stuff she's still not really talked about, and for once - she kinda wants to.

This evening, she's choosing to chill out by lying flat on the Laz-EE-Boy, Stampy asleep on her stomach.

This is problemmatic, because she's out of hot chocolate and there's no one to get her a refill and nothing within easy reach to throw at the bedroom door.

Mel's life is sooooo hard.
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It is indeed.
So hard.

Difficult, even.

Which is exactly why an old soul takes pity on her and fulfills her silent request.

There may even be whipped cream.
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The rat grins at her as he makes his way across the living room towards his favorite meditation pillow.

"It is good to know I have not lost my touch."
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Splinter lowers himself down onto the pillow with only the slightest hint of a wince. Getting old sucks, don't let anyone tell you different.

"Very well, thank you for asking. Rizzo in the kitchen has been giving me lessons on how to wait tables the Milliways way."
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His ears flatten ever so slightly as he schools his expression to keep from laughing.

"No, he is not. I like to feel useful, and I think it is good for me to be out and about."
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"I do not believe that the kitchen staff would be opposed to other species being represented, but they hold a grudge against the humans who used to serve along side them who have now...disappeared for one reason or another."
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"I believe it is far more likely that the notion to do so may not have crossed his mind, and the rats weren't in the mood to complain."

Splinter loves his sons very very very much. Having said that, there are times when he truly believes that one good thwack upside the head maybe all it takes to get them not to be so danged stupid some times.
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"The hope, it seems, is that he won't and they will be free to do as they wish for as long as the can get away with it."

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"It seemed a natural choice, all things considered. And it keeps me busy."

From meddling too much.
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An eyebrow quirks up ever so slightly.

"For now. Though, I am always on the look out for further diversion. Have you something in mind?"
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"You will have to forgive me if I refuse to believe such a thing could even remotely be true."

He'll have none of that kind of talk, missy!
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His expression softens.

"When you are my size, everything is high up. The novelty wears away quickly."
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Splinter, who tends to make it a habit to avoid hanging by his tail anywhere, simply nods.

In that case, I feel it might be best for all involved that such activities be left to professionals, and not old rats like myself."
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Yeah, he's gathering that.

"Work has been..."
Good? Bad? What's the proper word when you know the other person in the conversation is a thief?

"Prolific recently? We missed you during the holidays."
There's a very strong sense that when he says we he means I.
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He brings his hand up to scratch at his chin. Splinter is well versed in many forms of time, and time travel, but Milliways is an entirely different kettle of fish.

"Were they a productive few hours at least?"
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Splinter considers this confession quietly.
He is no stranger to the taking of life, nor is he ignorant of her mission and destiny, and yet...

"Does this trouble you, my daughter?"
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"Would the outcome have been different if you had?"
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"I see."

Splinter considers his options here. He knows of loss. He also knows what it is to study revenge so closely and to so fine a point as to raise one's children to be instruments of vengeance.

"I am sorry for your loss."
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Still alive?

"Meleka, please pardon my ignorance here, but...if your sister still lives then how can hope be lost?"
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He blinks a few times and then his head tilts slightly to one side.
"I'm not sure I understand."

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"Milliways," he says in the tone he usually reserves for kids.

"It has been said that life at best is bittersweet. Perhaps this is what they meant when that phrase was coined."
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"Probably not, no, but I do not believe that the this invalidates the message."
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"Of this I have no doubt," he very carefully begins to rise to his feet. "But as you do so, do not forget to give yourself time, and permission, to grieve."
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"Not remotely." His is a small smile, which is all but lost behind his whiskers.

"More hot chocolate? Or could I interest you in some Milky Tea?"
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A bushy eyebrow slowly raises.
"Have you somewhere else to be?"

He doesn't wait for a response, and instead begins to pad his way towards the kitchen.
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Splinter pauses, tilts his head as if to consider this accusation.

"Guilty as charged."