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Melaka is a Vampire Slayer from the 23rd century (arbitrarily designated the year 2293). Her canon is Joss Whedon's graphic novel Fray and she also appears in Tales of the Slayers.

Melaka's Physical Appearance

Melaka Fray is a twenty one-year old woman with blue and purple hair in the sort of effect you get when black hair outgrowing a bleach job is dyed blue. It curls down to her chest at the front and is bobbed short at the back, with a green plait hanging from behind her left ear. She sports a nose stud, two gold hoops in each ear, a tattoo on her upperleft arm, and a scar on her left cheek and upper lip. She tends to wear loose fitting trousers and tank tops with heavy boots.
Mel is 5' 3", lean and muscular. She looks like she can stick up for herself, but even judging her that is underestimating her. On her back, usually simply thrusting through the fabric of her shirt, she carries a red metal and wood weapon that looks nothing whatsoever like a Scythe, and a bulky ray gun, also red, which she keeps holstered on her thigh. Assume she has these at all times.

Melaka's Mystical Appearance

For what it's worth, if your character can detect these things, you might want to use discretion in what they can detect about Melaka. She doesn't have the mystical Slayer senses, the past life memories, nor the prophetic dreams. She's a girl who is incredibly strong, fast and with a constitution you could build a cathedral on. Nothing more.

ETA: This no longer applies to Milliways Mel, as since she dusted her brother she's come into the other half of her inheritance, including subconsious martial arts move, a vampire-detecting sense and funky past life/prophetic dreams.

More info on Mel's background can be found here

Milliways Alterations: According to pre established millicanon, every Slayer has an individual partially sentient demon living dormant inside of them. Mel's was preivously incomplete, but this is fixed now.
Along with the scythe (which now has a proper sheath) and the gun, she now always carries a purple switchblade in a wrist sheath on her inside right arm. This knife was gifted to her by Arithon, and protects her from many magic spells, as well as glowing when she is in immediate danger. Useful that.
She wears a small, cheap looking silver and onyx amulet necklace on a short chain, which doesn't look like much. She also has a silver scar running from her right shoulder to the swell of her breast.
Further Milliways Info: For a few months, Mel was possessed by the Phoenix Force, for much doom and woe and plot. Thanks to this, she is now touch-teleempathic, but she has been taught to keep up walls and shields, which you can assume she'll have all the time, unless I specifically mention they're down. An observant person might notice a flamey aura when this is in effect, or when she loses control.
::double colons:: indicates telepathy. Only when she's touching you.

Proud to be a regular cast member of Waffles in Suite 134.
TM challenges can be found here.

Banner by [info]saphyria. Fray mood theme is by [info]icafreak. Layout is by [info]lycanfae, which just happens to be me.

Mel belongs to Joss Whedon and Karl Moline. She's not mine. This is a roleplaying journal for a wealth of multiversal games: [info]milliways_bar; [info]theatrical_muse and [info]dear_multiverse. The game each entry applies to is indicated inna subject line and tags for great justice. No specification can be applied to all. No profit is being made from this journal.

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