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For as long as she can remember, Melaka Fray has had the dreams.

Every night she dreams that she is fighting demons and monsters and things she doesn't have a name for. She dreams that she is someone else. A slave. A princess. A girl in school in a sunlit city. Always fighting, usually winning, always strong.

Mel herself isn't strong. She's never been strong. She's small, slight, needs to wear glasses, and is weak even in comparison to normal humans her age. The fact that she lives in a world full of mutants and pumps just emphasises that fact. But she dreams, every night she dreams that she's fighting, and that she's strong. And she wants to be the girl she dreams of.

Harth Fray, Mel's twin brother, is strong. He's strong and fast and heals quickly, and he loves his sister. When she asked his to teach her how to fight, he aquiesed, and was surprised not by Mel's physical prowess, which is less than average, but by her instincts. Her body doens't move in the way she wants it to, but he never needed to teach her to fight, just let her use him as practice.

But nevertheless, he protects her. When the twins were fourteen, Harth had persuaded Mel to go out on a grab for him, and they were ambushed by a lurk. Mel, whose dreams often feature lurks and who is terrified of them, ran. Harth fought it off, and ran with her, picking her up and carrying her to protect her.

That night, their eldest sister and legal guardian, out looking for them, ran into the same lurk and was killed. The twins were left alone, and had to fend for themselves. Mel got a job working at a tav, Harth became a professional thief.

When they were nineteen, first a crazy bald man and then a goat legged demon turned up and informed Mel that she was the Vampire Slayer. The one girl chosen from her generation to fight demons. Which made sense, given her dreams, but didn't explain the fact that she isn't strong, or fast, or anything other than physically human, if an above average fighter due to her intense training with Harth.

Harth. Who is strong, and fast, and just generally good at stuff. It doesn't take the twins long to figure out that he has the Slayer strength, and she has the dreams.

The rest follows canon fairly closely. Harth and Mel have to wage war on the vampires, now their sister Erin, is not only a vampire but the prophesised One Who Will Lead, who summons a giant snake to bring the demons back into this world. The twins stop her, but not before Urkonn kills Mel's friend Loo to try and persuade them to fight.

Now twenty, Harth and Mel are a kickass team of a Vampire Slayer in two bodies.

Mel stands 5'3", slight and feminine, with wavey black hair and blue eyes behind glasses. She can stand up for herself in a fight, and has been learning magic since the twins found the Watchers' Library. She's about Willow season 2-3 standard.
Harth is a couple of inches taller, also with black hair and big blue eyes. He sports a long scar on his left cheek, and carries the shiny red scythe of Vampire Slayer doom. He's very protective of his sister.

There's no creepy twincest or horrid angsty doom about these two, at least compared to the Milliways versions.

Summary: Main differences from MilliFrays:
Mel: Has no superpowers but does have Slayer senses. Has black hair and glasses. Can do a little magic.
Harth: Isn't a vampire. Is twenty years old. Has Slayer strength and speed but no dreams. Doesn't wear glasses.
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Bad Day. Started bad, stayed that way.

Woke up sore from last night. Didn’t find the fingernail in my breakfast till I was chewing it. Then Gunther forcing me to pull a job when I’m spent… tough one too, in the Uppers…

…but you know all that.

You know how Reubrin’s boys turned up and tossed me off the roof. You know how I dealt with them, and came out on top. About how Gunther overpaid me, about how I met my sister and a gang of lurks comin’ out of his place.

Not that I’m scared o’lurks, o’course, but Melaka is. Mel’s terrified of them. Says she’s been dreaming of them all her life. Real scary nightmares as well. So there she is, cornered by these things, closing in on her, so I rush in to fix things Knocking the first one flying, I shield her behind me as they decide they don’t want to try anything and flee.

Thing about lurks? They’re cowards. Fight back hard enough and they’ll run. Leavin’ me, and Mel, who’s wrapping her arms around me in thanks, kissing me on the cheek.

She’s beautiful, is my sister, soft black hair, baby blue eyes. She’s reaching up and brushing the scar I got the first time I saved her from lurks – the night Erin died. And I’d save her every time. I love her.

So together we head to Versi. Again, you know this story. Biggest warren in Haddyn, all that toy, it’s home, yeah.

“Mel!” Loo loves Mel. Mel loves Loo. I love her too, but Mel has this special bond with her. So I hang back while she talks to her.

“We were playing Toxo and I caught the bottle three times and Jujie said I had a big butt and there was a man that came but I said I never heard of you and I had ham for lunch and the man said you got chosen and he had a bald head and Leon pulled my hair.”

“Melaka Fray?” Short, fat bald man, strange accent, smells of gas, and… what does he want with my sister?

“You… are the chosen… I am not worthy to come before you… you will save us… you will protect us, end the scourge… you will cleanse us with fire!”

I mean at some point you just have to give up. Guy lights himself on fire. What’s that all about? And of course he starts pinwheeling around, which means the whole warren’ll go up in about three seconds, unless I do something that I really don’t wanna do.

What did he want with my sister?

Mel’s waiting for me when I get out of the river, and I just look at her.

“You know what?” she says, “let’s go home.”

I nod, putting an arm around her. “Don’t let it get to you. Take a bath, crawl into bed, just forget everything.”

She smiles agreement, squeezing my waist. “‘Cause, hey,” she says, “it may have been a pretty bad day, but at least it’s over.”

[OOC: Totally ripped out of Joss Whedon's Fray]
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“You’re lucky I got two hands, because if it was you or the food…”
“You are the food.”
Harth doesn’t even stop to think, kicking their attacker immediately.
“Mel, run!”

…and this is where things are different, because Mel does, in fact, run. She knows what this is and it terrifies her. Harth receives a slash to the face for his troubles, but he does buy Mel time, fends off the lurk and runs after her, the meat forgotten. He manages to scoop his sister up as he passes, sprinting across the rooftops away from the lurk.

Angry and hungry, Icarus abandons that hunt for another


They're not back yet, and Erin is worried. No, furious.
Harth's taken his sister out grabbing again. Mel can't keep up with him, no matter how hard she tries, no matter how many stories she tells about fighting monsters - and Erin's never certain where her sister gets those details - Mel's the small one; weaker, frailer, and Harth seems to forget that sometimes. He's been teaching her to fight, and he says she fights well, that despite her small and awkward body, her instincts are good. Erin thinks that's toy. He's going to get his sister killed one of these days.

She's so wrapped up in these thoughts that she doesn't even notice the lurk until he's jumped on the back of her rocketbike and sunk his teeth into her neck.
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[OOC: Godsdammit, Amy, I blame you totally!]


"Will you teach me to fight?"
"It's four o'clock in the morning."
"Not now, Harth, but in the daytime, will you teach me to fight?"
"Mel, you can't fight. You're weak. I love you, but you're weak."
"I can't now, but if I practiced lots and you taught me, I could... please, Harth?"
"OK, Mel, in the morning."

Because twelve-year old Melaka Fray wants to learn to fight. She's not as strong as her twin brother, Harth, who's also fast and tough and wants to be a thief, but she wishes she were. She idolises her brother, and wishes she could do half of what he can.

Because Mel has dreams. Every night she dreams that she is fighting demons and monsters and things she doesn't have a name for. She dreams that she is someone else. A slave. A princess. A girl in school in a sunlit city. Always fighting, usually winning, always strong. Much stronger than Mel will ever be. As strong as Harth.

And she wants to be that girl.


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