Jan. 7th, 2007

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There's a group of them, hanging around lazily, swigging from tins of sack, and laughing over the spoils of the night. About three or four, all with guns and knives, and with two rocketbikes between them.

They're big, heavy set men, starting on the road to pump, with drugs and some modifications. So imagine their surprise, when one of them finally spots the tiny little kid sliding his companion's gun out from its belt holster. She must have moved like a stealthbot, for them not to notice her.

"Hey!" he yells suddenly, pulling out his own gun. But the girl just grins, and bodily shoves the man she was stealing from into the blast. The loud cackle of discharged electricity suddenly cut short when he realises he's shooting his buddy.

The other two, hands on their own guns, wait for the mass of the unconscious body to crush this pup of a girl who can't be half his weight, but without even noticing, she's despatched the defender as well by throwing his victim heavily into him, knocking them to the ground instead of her. By the time one of them thinks to shoot, she's ducked under the beam, and lets the fourth thug take the beam. Then he himself screams in pain as she grabs his wrist and twists, forcing him to drop his own gun, and bringing him to his knees in pain.

By now the original shooter has struggled out from under an unconscious body and is ready to fire again, except a heavy kick to the knee results in a loud snap and send his beam up and wild as he also falls. The same foot snaps his arm back and sends the remaining gun flying.

And then this little tiny waif of a street brat is standing over them: two crippled, two unconscious, with one charged zapper in her hand, and the other hand clenching and unclenching excitedly. With a feral grin, she starts backing away.

"I'll kill you, you bitch." That was thug #3: the one with the broken wrist nursed across his chest, now standing, with a knife in his other hand.

She raises an unimpressed eyebrow, then suddenly, with deadly accuracy and bone crunching force, punches out first one, then with a pivot, the other of the bikes' main Catcons. And by the time he's on his feet, she's racing down the alley with a speed not even he seems able to match.



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