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Uninvited - Alanis Morrisette

This needs no explanation... )

The last two lines freak me out, but they freak Mel out more.

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Hardest part? Figuring out what Mel would actually be guilty about. Except, of course, that the entire Milliways experience makes her guilty, like a spoiled princess.

1. Harth. She's glad he's here. She likes seeing him around. He's not killing anyone and that's a plus, and she loves him, she does. It doesn't matter that he's evil, he's her brother. She's just really happy to spend time with him. Especially when she can forget what he is.

...she has issues, OK?

2. Chick flicks. She loves Thelma and Louise, Legally Blonde and Clueless (guess who she fancies in that last one...?) It's Lilly's influence, I swear.

3. Being carried. No, I've no idea where that comes from. I think it might be the youngest child syndrome, coupled with the circumstances of her first kiss with Mike, but when she's hurt or weak, physically or emotionally, she likes to be carried. It's comforting. She won't stand for it when she's fine and capable of moving on her own, and she won't stand for it from someone who isn't a close friend or family, but especially Mike carrying her to bed - she loves that. It reminds her that she is just a girl, really, and makes her feel safe. This is why, when a glomp is called for, she'll glomp from above, and wrap her legs around you. She doesn't like having her feet on the floor, either.

4. Kids. Mel has maternal instincts up the wazoo. And it cuts because she has a life expectancy of a few years, and can't support them, and is supposed to be this big strong criminal-type with no time for anyone. But she. Loves. Kids. She can't help it.

5. I can't think of another... oh yes, I can. Dresses. The girl loves dressing up. But she will nevr admit to it, I'm sure, and will continue to blam Mike forever...
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Nothing* to see here, move along

*unless you find Selma Blair sexy and want to see her in a black dress shooting fire out of her hand.
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Yeah, the craze is back. And as they get guessed, I may as well post them.

First one guessed: in response to this one from [ profile] dreamer_fray:

Image hosted by

And two millicanon ones )
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Admittedly a really good RPer would do research before incorporating it into play, and not as a justification for something that seemed 'natural' and 'logical' at the time, but meh. It works, doesn't it?

Intrusive symptoms: Flashbacks )
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Look, I'm not making up future! songs for Mel*, and there's no way in eight hells that she's listening to 21st century music, OK?

So here's some songs from my iTunes Fraylist...

Trash City - Transvision Vamp
Trash city, here I come // A Sony 8 for a lazer gun // I got my finger on the trigger // Gonna do a shoot and run

Why Don't You Come Over - Garbage
It's been a crazy time for us // pushing all my limits // snapping necks and breaking balls // and you'd have done the same // You were baking biscuits, while I went bending laws // sacrificing something as you counted all my flaws.

Watched You Fall - Meredith Brooks
You were my wild companion // we were forever high, high, high // we burned the night around us // sleeping could wait until we die // you wear the scars of passion // and since the crashing came // you've broken every promise // I walked away

Unholy War - Alice Cooper
I learned to bite the hand // that used to pull my chain // we'll fight, cause we ain't on the same side

Sad But True - Metallica
I'm your dream, make you real // I'm your eyes when you must steal // I'm your pain when you can't feel // Sad but true

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
No one knows what it's like // to be the bad man // To be the sad man // behind blue eyes // And no one knows what it's like // to be hated // to be fated // to telling only lies // but my dreams they aren't as empty // a s my conscious seems to be // I have hours, only lonely // my love is vengeance // that's never free. // No one knows what it's like // to have these feelings // like I do, and I blame you

Every Breath You Take - The Police
Since you're gone I been lost without a trace // I dream at night I can only see your face // I look around but it's you I can't replace

*Dammit! That's really tempting me now!
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I noticed you didn't have [ profile] milli_icons friended, so I'm dropping it here as well.

For yooooou!
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Just FYI, I am participating in [ profile] fanfic100 with the claim Fray: General Series and my Big Damn Table can be found here.

I am ALSO doing Millirific42, because it was my idea.

Medium Damn Table )
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Made for [ profile] milli_secrets because, well, I'm addicted.

In order of canonical reference, the first two refer to strict canon, the third to character development, and the others would really only make sense if you follow [ profile] milliways_bar.

Yes, the Spanish one is pure crack.

This creepifies me. I'm still not sure if she meant it )

Wangst )

doomy angst )

Oh yes, she angsts even when happy. )

This is just a photoshopped poster from a campaign run by Mexican ecologists. )
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This was originally written as a comment for this post, but it's essay-enough to go here. This is Millicanon only, and isn't relevent to Haddyn!Mel or Other!Mel, but it's an interesting character study anyway.

Mel takes family very seriously, and she considers it the most important thing in the world. She (and I the mun) never intended for her to adopt herself a millifamily, but somehow it happened. Even with her real twin brother in bar, there're people she consdiers herself closer to.

Mel's mother left when she was a baby, her father died when she was eight (those are my additions). Her brother died when she was fourteen. All she has at home is her older sister. She intends never to replace her.

Mel's never had an older male figure in her life: as well as the death of her father, she never had a Watcher, and her boss, while undeniably male, is a giant fish. Her friendship with Indy, which developed over him trying to make Mel and Mike realise what they meant to each other, quickly became too familiar for just friendship, and he filled a Watcher-shape hole in my Slayer's life. He's a combination of big brother and young, wannabe "trendy" uncle.

Lilly's family as well: she's the cousin of a similar age that you wouldn't really be friends with if you weren't related, but you love anyway and have a lot of fun with. The fact that she gets on with Indy and Mike just enforces this. She's family Mel didn't exactly choose, but she wouldn't change her for the world. Also, the possibility of becoming kissing cousins is still kind of exciting.

Steph's Mel's little sister. Her secret little sister she doesn't share with the boys. The little sister she wants to protect and at the same time show the world to. Like many big sisters and mothers, Mel wants Steph to have the things she didn't have. She sees a young girl a lot like herself, who doesn't have the burden of Slayership. It's a combination of living vicariously and genuinely wanting the best for her. It's just deeply ironic that she's chosen a dead girl for this purpose.

And Mikey. Well.
He has no special powers, no genetic modifications, but he's still fast, strong, skilled. He can keep up with Mel most of the time. He'll go on adventures with her. He loves her for who she is, and he makes her smile just by being there. He's pretty much everything she secretly always wished Harth was.
Without Mike, Mel wouldn't be happy at Milliways. She'd be restless, touchy, and introverted. She'd have broken much worse than she has, with no one to put her back together again. She'd never even be friends with people like Lilly and she certainly wouldn't have adopted herself a family.
Mike's her everything.
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Talk about taking a meme too far. I'd already listed some things in my mun journal, but since playing Mel this past week, I've realised some more things about this Slayer, so here it is in essay form.

Holy crap but she's a bucket full of angst. )
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This is a reference post for me, only. Feel free to ignore it.

Cultural references:
Lurk // Grab // Pump // Radie // the Grid //

Jesu! // Oh God // rutting punks // toy // rocketship!

Other slang:
nessa // jake (?) // skitzing // tav // spun //


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