Jan. 23rd, 2007

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"Hey, kid."

Mel's seen him around; he comes to roughly the same tavs as her and Case, and occasionally she's seen him argue with her green haired man. Sometimes those arguments devolve into violence. It's tempting on these occasions to join in, but Case doesn't really like his teenage rutmate stepping in to handle his fights, as he mentioned fairly vocally the first couple of times.

Case isn't here now, though. He's off meeting with someone about something, and she's arranged to meet him and whoever here, in this tav. Presumably his absence that's why this other guy comes up to her. This guy's not quite as old as Case, but is bigger and heavier, rippling in muscles under his shirt. He could probably pick Mel up with one hand. Definitely could.

"What?" Mel looks up from the cup of sack she's been nursing, and eyes him suspiciously, utterly unintimidated by his attempts. Not her her lack of intimidation intimidates him - how is that supposed to work, anyway? He just leers at her from where he's standing, cupping his drink in both hands.

"You like workin' for Tassey? He treating you right?"

her? Mel's now looking at him across her own eyebrows, head tilted down. "What's it to you?"

He doesn't answer, not really looking at her, but directing his leering gaze at the wall behind her. "Ever thought about workin' for someon' else?" he asks. "I mean, how much do you charge?"

She's silent, annoyed, and waiting for him to say soemthing else or go away. Honestly, Case handles her pay, she just spends it. And saves some, in a pouch under the mattress she shares with him.

The stranger continues, "I mean, is the whorin' at the same rate as the thievin'? Or do I hafta go through him for that too?"

Mel's grinning too when she throws him across the bar.


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