Jan. 23rd, 2006

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Hardest part? Figuring out what Mel would actually be guilty about. Except, of course, that the entire Milliways experience makes her guilty, like a spoiled princess.

1. Harth. She's glad he's here. She likes seeing him around. He's not killing anyone and that's a plus, and she loves him, she does. It doesn't matter that he's evil, he's her brother. She's just really happy to spend time with him. Especially when she can forget what he is.

...she has issues, OK?

2. Chick flicks. She loves Thelma and Louise, Legally Blonde and Clueless (guess who she fancies in that last one...?) It's Lilly's influence, I swear.

3. Being carried. No, I've no idea where that comes from. I think it might be the youngest child syndrome, coupled with the circumstances of her first kiss with Mike, but when she's hurt or weak, physically or emotionally, she likes to be carried. It's comforting. She won't stand for it when she's fine and capable of moving on her own, and she won't stand for it from someone who isn't a close friend or family, but especially Mike carrying her to bed - she loves that. It reminds her that she is just a girl, really, and makes her feel safe. This is why, when a glomp is called for, she'll glomp from above, and wrap her legs around you. She doesn't like having her feet on the floor, either.

4. Kids. Mel has maternal instincts up the wazoo. And it cuts because she has a life expectancy of a few years, and can't support them, and is supposed to be this big strong criminal-type with no time for anyone. But she. Loves. Kids. She can't help it.

5. I can't think of another... oh yes, I can. Dresses. The girl loves dressing up. But she will nevr admit to it, I'm sure, and will continue to blam Mike forever...


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